Among them we have a n exclusive selection of super 120 's super 150 's wool silk cashmere flanelle tweeds cashmeres imported from renowned mills cerruti dormeuil marlane vitale barberis canonico reda zegna?.

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Why did they choose Made-to-measure?

?When it comes to suits, men have very little choice. Made-to-measure offers so much fabric diversity"

Fred, 40. Financial consultant.

"I actually had fun buying my suit. I played with all the details available to make it look more personal"

Eric, 32. Salesman

"In my job, you need to stand out! Appearance is a performing way to demonstrate your personality"

Norman, 31. Dancer

"On my wedding day, I wanted to look just as amazing as my beautiful wife. I wanted to be special for Her"

Sylvain, 24. Newly wed.

"I used to hate shopping for suits: most of the time, there are too basic and fit poorly. With Louis Purple, I can finally pick my style "à la carte".

Vincent, 39. Insurance trader

"Nice clothing, nice fit: that's all I ask for. Many established brands aren't up to their standards.

David, 29. Business owner

"Buying a Louis Purple suit is time efficient and enjoyable. As the boutique keeps a record of my body measurements; I just have to choose my fabric and fit for the right occasion"

Thomas, 43. Architect

"For my Birthday, my wife and kids offered me a shirt that they entirely personalized. I really had a tailormade gift!"

Jack, 65. Lawyer

Tradition, fit and innovation combined for a unique experience!

A-la-carte garment, excellent service, off-the-rack pricetags.


"A large choice of fabrics to satisfy your desires and reflect your personality"

Over 300 fabrics are being stored permanently in our workshop. Among them, we have a n exclusive selection of Super 120's, super 150's, Wool & Silk, Cashmere, flanelle, tweeds, cashmeres imported from renowned mills (Cerruti, Dormeuil, Marlane, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Reda, Zegna?).

An extensive selection of luxurious fabrics from Holland&Sherry and Dormeuil is also available.


At first glance, the shoulder line defines the silhouette of a jacket, then comes the lapel, number of buttons, vents, pockets...

The Italian silhouette has a thinner shoulder padding while the English silhouette is more structured.

Our store specialists have been trained to point out the silhouette that will suit you best, taking into consideration your needs, personality and body shape. One simple fitting based on a ?gauge suit? will help determine the most adapted pattern for your future suit. This step will also enable them to fully understand the specificities of your posture and stance.

English Fit

Italian Fit


After measuring some key points of your body, we shall get into details and determine the exact proportions of your shoulders, back, hips, thighs... All these elements will be instantly e-mailed to our workshop in Europe which will create your garment.


Playing around and customize your suit !

We offer a wide range of possibilities to create a unique garment: pocket style, vents, handstitching, linings, buttons, embroidered initials... Why not matching your lining with contrasted buttonholes stitches and undercollar felt?

Step into one our stores to try out our "Virtual Creator" screen and visualize in a few minutes your future made-to-measure suit.


Contact us

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Louis Purple is a trade-mark company registered by the manufacturing leader of men suits in France.

The workshop in Eastern Europe handles private label and brand manufacturing orders for prestigious ready-to-wear and tailor-made customers.

Because Louis Purple has this unique background and know-how, we guarantee an unrivalled quality/price ratio.

Louis Purple: le Chic à-la-française "Made in Europe"

Fabrics exclusively imported from Italy & England

A French-owned, French-run workshop in Eastern Europe with a designing team in Paris

People find us at:


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