Automatic generate keywords description and title from content, for your website.

On the keywords in our project:

All you need is to enter the text you want to analyze your keywords and find the right key. Our site will generate keywords and displays at the bottom. After that you can use keywords for your site. Or you can choose from the list. It is not bad is not it?

title - the text displayed in the header of the browser window or, in other words, the name of html-document;

meta - tag, which contains data for use by servers and search engines.

The first meta tag <TITLE> </ TITLE> very important. Create it for each page. Besides the fact that its contents are displayed in the header of the browser window, it also becomes a link to a page in the results of search engine results. HTML-code would look like this:

<title> Page Title. </ Title>
</ head>
<body> main page content. </ Body>
</ html>

In addition, the keywords that you put this meta tag (title), an extremely positive perceive search engines. Therefore, giving the name of the html-page, try to include the keywords. Here we must mention briefly about what it is - the key word.

The words that best describe the content of html-pages and will be for her key. It can be as individual words and phrases, but they must meet in the text on the page. According to him the search engines determine your page is relevant to a particular request. When you create a page were determined for her a few key words and use them in the header (title) and attribute values meta tags, which we now discuss.

Description - a description of the document. One of the most important parameters that affect the page rankings by search engines. Normal description represents a summary of the information contained on the page. The description should also use keywords. In addition, the contents of the meta description tag is displayed by the search engine on the page extradition request directly under the content meta tag TITLE. And usually, after reading the user decides to visit him this page or not. Example of HTML-code:

 <meta name = "description" content = "Description page up to 100 characters">

keywords - keywords. It is here you need to make those key words and phrases that you create for your page. Add them to a comma. Previously, the contents of this tag was important for search engine rankings, search engines are now virtually no more of it. But this is another way to honestly put the keywords on the page so that it would be foolish not to use it. Example of HTML-code:

 <meta name = "keywords" content = "word1, word2, word3, etc. ">

Our system of keywords can do for you automatically!

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